- Construction supervision in accordance with construction law as: construction manager, investor supervision inspector, building inspector.

- Prices negotiation of materials, contractors.

- Cost estimates.

- Supervision of construction and investment, technical acceptance of construction and repair works.

- Technical acceptance of apartments, flats and houses.

- Periodic reviews of buildings.

- Investor support in the construction and renovation process.

- Perform technical opinions on construction, renovation and finishing works.

- Performing construction and repair works.

- Assembly of aluminum, wooden and PVC joinery.


- Ozone, moulting, disinfection and deaciarization of rooms using an ozone generator.

Ozone is one of the most effective known disinfectants. Bactericidal activity shows at a concentration of approximately 13 μg / dm³.

Ozone is about 50 times more effective and 3000 times faster than chlorine.

Ozone is an irritant gas, it damages biological membranes by radical reactions with their components. It has a specific irritating odor that appears when the device is turned on.

The threshold concentration at which disinfection and deaciarization starts (deaciarization is the treatment of allergens and mites) is the value of 1 g ozone per 10 m³ of room.


  The necessary permissions to perform the above-mentioned works and the professional liability insurance guarantee the professional execution of tasks.