Product Information Keramikplatte:


In the field of servicing Investments, I offer services:

As a Manager of construction and renovation projects.

- Construction supervision in accordance with construction law as: investor supervision inspector, building inspector.

- Prices negotiation of materials, contractors.

- Cost estimates.

- Supervision of construction and investment, technical acceptance of construction and repair works.

- Technical acceptance of apartments, flats and houses.

- Periodic reviews of buildings.

- Investor support in the construction and renovation process.

- Perform technical opinions on construction, renovation and finishing works.

- Performing construction and repair works.

- Assembly of aluminum, wooden and PVC joinery.



  The necessary permissions to perform the above-mentioned works and the professional liability insurance guarantee the professional execution of tasks.


We are looking for representatives to sell building structures using Keramikplatte technology.

We are interested in cooperation with traders and agents in Germany and Europe.

We are looking for Construction Companies - Distributors for cooperation.


Ready / simple walls ... partitions - Keramikplatte technology.

Building shell states as soon as possible (!)

  • fast implementation / installation on site 1-3 days without brickwork (!)
  • expanded clay - ceramic / elimination of thermal bridges / high temperature stability in the building / dry wall (!) - moisture buffering material / dry environment not conducive to the development of fungi
  • ( no, this is not expanded clay concrete  
  • heavy technology / acoustics at the level of heavy masonry technology
  • he lowest energy requirements for heating in winter on the market
  • perfectly made elements
  • materials with A1 fire classification
  • elements made of low-processed materials without material chemistry: C24 certified wood, loose expanded clay, fiber-cement boards, fiber-gypsum boards
  • diffusion-open wall, no effect of wall moisture buildup and mold development during the life of the building
  • durability. 50-year guarantee on the structure.

Ideal solution for the implementation of zero-energy buildings (!)

Section through the exterior wall -

Our structural element - a panel(from the production line) backfilled with compacted expanded clay prior to the installation of the cement and chipboard sheathing:

/ Patent reserved technology /

- offer for developers and construction companies with or without assembly / export deliveries the entire European Union,

- market price estimated for the elements for the example year-round building PUM 100 m2 from 160,000 PLN net / with assembly from (+_) 190,000 PLN net.

In the case of export outside the Polish border, the cost of transport should be taken into account.

- the order of orders is determined by the order of orders,

- our capacity is more than 30000 living space per year from three production plants. Export offer.

Inquiries and orders:

Engineer: Robert Majsterek - Export Manager

phone: +48 607382869

Contact in Poland e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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